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<!--2013061830-->Mitchy Slick - 'Won't Stop' [CD]
<!--2013061830-->Mitchy Slick - 'Won't Stop' [CD]
<!--2013061830-->Mitchy Slick - 'Won't Stop' [CD]
<!--2013061830-->Mitchy Slick - 'Won't Stop' [CD]

Mitchy Slick

Won't Stop


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Won't Stop is an album made for the dedicated Mitchy Slick fans that still prefer to buy CD's and shop at the local swap meet for their white T's. Won't Stop is comprised of previously unreleased tracks that represent Mitchy Slick at every phase in his life while growing up in the gang infested streets of Southeast San Diego. This album is for the listeners who want hard-hitting street anthems and neck-snapping beats.

Won't Stop features some of the most street credible MC's in Souithern California, such as Lil' Fat Bat, Spider Loc, Sean Dees, Bigg Tupp, and Woodgrane who all contribute to the gritty reality of the album. The album also features production from Grammy Award Winning producer, DJ Khalil, plus The Bizness, Mad Dog, Kuddie Fresh, Ecay Uno, Hartman, and more. Won't Stop will give the listener a deeper look into Mitchy Slick and his journey up until now - this album is for the homies and true fans.
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