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<!--120090519016702-->Moka Only - 'Lowdown Suite 2...The Box' [CD]
<!--120090519016702-->Moka Only - 'Lowdown Suite 2...The Box' [CD]
<!--120090519016702-->Moka Only - 'Lowdown Suite 2...The Box' [CD]
<!--120090519016702-->Moka Only - 'Lowdown Suite 2...The Box' [CD]

Moka Only

Lowdown Suite 2...The Box





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Much anticipated new studio release by ultra creative Hip Hop pioneer Moka Only, who brings a groundbreaking Hip Hop album featuring Bootie Brown of The Pharcyde, Kissey Asplund and Psy. Blending genius production with his unique raps, Lowdown Suite is a truly refreshing Hip Hop masterpiece.

Moka Only is a dynamic artist with a career that spans over 10 years, 26 LPs and 400,000 records sold independently. He has won three Juno's, seven Much Music video awards and so much more, Moka is easily one of the hardest working emcee / producers in music period. At an early age Moka Only discovered his love for Hip Hop culture entering the scene as a graffiti artist. He later began displaying his skills as a MC rhyming at house parties and then later moving to San Diego in the early 90s where began his illustrious career as a MC and Producer. Moka Only is also a founding member of Swollen Members. However, a group dynamic was not for Moka and he soon moved on to a solo career. Although best known for his rapping, Moka was also building his resume as a quirky producer with a knack for mixing live and sampled instruments. While the majority of Moka's musical output has been self-produced, his beats are also sought after by a wide range of underground artists. He has gained the admiration of his peers, industry professionals and fans alike. Moka Only has collaborated with the late great J Dilla, MF Doom, Aceyalone, Buck 65, K-Os, Sadat X and Oh No just to name a few.

"Lowdown Suite 2... The Box" is one of Moka Only's best albums to date. Built with deconstructed beats, lo-fi sampling, moody ambiences, scratchy loops... A rich variety of sounds and samples put together brilliantly for a very creative and smart result. With this new album Moka proves once again to be a skillful emcee and groundbreaking producer in one. A driving force of the Hip Hop community and one of hip-hop's most respected talents. If your a fan of J Dilla, Madlib, Jneiro Jarel or Swollen Members, you'll be a fan of Moka Only.
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