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<!--2010062046-->Mr. Gene Poole - 'The Protocol.' [CD]
<!--2010062046-->Mr. Gene Poole - 'The Protocol.' [CD]
<!--2010062046-->Mr. Gene Poole - 'The Protocol.' [CD]
<!--2010062046-->Mr. Gene Poole - 'The Protocol.' [CD]

Mr. Gene Poole

The Protocol.


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Gene Pool began his career with the RhymeSayers and the group Full Circle, he also followed that up with multiple underground solo records. Gene has also been a fixture in the Minneapolis community doing shows, supporting local artist and always lending a positive word when the opportunity arises. Gene has and always will be one of the most appreciated artists within the Twin Cities.

Gene and Cerebellum One AKA Serebe The Word Smith have been working together for over 7 years, Serebe in an expert when it comes to the Twin Cities Hip Hop and the infrastructure of how things work with- in the city. Minneapolis has always supported the artists that dwell within it; Gene is currently working on his next project to be released soon. MJC Management Inc. is proud to be working with IDC to release this record to the public.
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