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<!--120140415062654-->Muamin Collective - 'So Blue, It's Black' [Cassette Tape]

Muamin Collective

So Blue, It's Black

Cassette Tape



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Muamin Collective, out of Cleveland, OH, are back with their fourth studio album, "SO BLUE, ITS BLACK". They came to the (iN)Sect label by way of our friends; This Moment iN Black History and also through J-1 aka THE DEER, who included alive on the Starship 27 compilations.

Their diverse samples, with intricate chops, and poetic density have always been a signature, with the music evolving and aLive delving into music theory, the narratives penned by Zion reflecting a mellowed militancy of a culture concerned for its children. Writing instructor and Soccer coach in Cleveland's Slavic village by day and MC at night and a newly minted father, art imitates life and vice versa.

Heat by Muamin Collective; (beats = alive; rhymes = Zion)
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