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<!--020120821047656-->Mucca Pazza - 'Tube Sock Tango (GRC Remix)/ Boss Taurus (Jon Kennedy Remix)' [(Black) 7" Vinyl Single]

Mucca Pazza

Tube Sock Tango (GRC Remix)/ Boss Taurus (Jon Kennedy Remix)

Black Vinyl

7" Vinyl Single Record


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Side A:
Brooklyn's Greenwood Rhythm Coalition puts the original Tube Sock Tango flavor into their signature blender, adding a heavy dose of tropical-inspired percussion, bass, and lo-fi keyboard charm that sits perfectly alongside the deconstructed brass.

Side B:
Chicago's finest brass-tastic 30-piece marching band gets a groove-over from the UK's Stockport bred drummer, producer and DJ extraordinare JON KENNEDY (Tru Thoughts Recordings, UK-based Grand Central Records and U.S. based Organik Recordings). This remix was entirely unique in that it had over 20 tracks of brass! "My usual stance is to find a hook and concentrate it and fatten a track with a break and bass line. There were so many hooks!" The results are amazing! Is there such a genre as down-tempo brass band?
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