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<!--020080108009568-->Mumbles - 'Transformations / Illuminations' [CD]


Transformations / Illuminations



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In 1994, Mumbles met Aceyalone through an A&R of Grand Royal Records, and together they recorded three tracks, two of which appeared on Acey's first solo release All Balls Don't Bounce on Capitol Records. In 1997, two of Mumbles' tracks appeared on Ubiquity's release Audio Alchemy and in the same year, a song was chosen for the OM Records compilation Deep Concentration. In 1998, Aceyalone and Mumbles then decided to collaborate on a full length album together, A Book of Human Language, which has since been widely acclaimed as an underground hip-hop classic. Nearly a decade after their initial collaboration, Mumbles & Aceyalone re-unite to bring the power to the people! 'The upcoming full-length titled 'Transformations / Illuminations,' for release later this summer of 2007 is eagerly expected by hip-hop fans. Filled with lush arrangements, solid production, and the classic boom bap, Mumbles delivers a future classic that will set new standards in hip hop.
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