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<!--020130611057564-->Murdoc - 'Operation Restore Lyricism (O.R.L.)' [CD]
<!--020130611057564-->Murdoc - 'Operation Restore Lyricism (O.R.L.)' [CD]
<!--020130611057564-->Murdoc - 'Operation Restore Lyricism (O.R.L.)' [CD]
<!--020130611057564-->Murdoc - 'Operation Restore Lyricism (O.R.L.)' [CD]


Operation Restore Lyricism (O.R.L.)



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A highly dedicated MC/ producer, Murdoc has been active since 1996. Raised in NYC (Queens), currently residing in Orlando Florida. A hardcore lyricist with timeless subject matter. Murdoc's music has been stamped by many as "hip hop on a higher level". Simply put, all who love well thought-out lyrics will benefit from him wonderfully. Always saying what ever is on his mind and keeping it true to his self and beliefs. Dedicated to bring that same energy and feeling of early 90's hip hop, which influenced him to pick up the pen and study all elements. "I make music for the heads that miss that real hip hop through the 90's...we all know that generation is still out there trying to seek the real hip hop. Its being slept on right now," a quote from one of Murdoc's many appearances on Sway and DJ King Tech's world famous Wake Up Show, where Murdoc was crowned 100k battle champ, in a battle that even established artist's such as Slaughterhouse's Crooked I joined. Murdoc was crowned and voted hip hop's next biggest MC and was respectfully added to the Wake Up Show's alumni. Murdoc also produces under the name "Codrum" and has produced for artist such as King Magnetic and Shabazz the Disciple. If you know your underground mc's, then Murdoc is surely no stranger to the hip hop scene. If you just got put on, then dive in and see what you been missing. One of underground hip hop's finest.
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