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<!--020120501041925-->Nick Waterhouse - 'Time's All Gone' [CD]
<!--020120501041925-->Nick Waterhouse - 'Time's All Gone' [CD]
<!--020120501041925-->Nick Waterhouse - 'Time's All Gone' [CD]
<!--020120501041925-->Nick Waterhouse - 'Time's All Gone' [CD]

Nick Waterhouse

Time's All Gone


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Nick Waterhouse is the new breed - a 25 year old R&B fanatic who combines an uncanny old-school sensibility with a charged, contemporary style. He joins the rank of similar acts and producers of recent times - Mark Ronson, Amy Winehouse, Sharon Jones, Mayer Hawthorne, Aloe Blacc et al - that are all moving forward into the past, yet all quite different. For Waterhouse, his muse is the over-modulated sound of vintage 50's R&B. His take on such a time-honored tradition evokes the back-alley thrill of New Orleans, Detroit and Memphis in their heyday and has resonated with fans the world over. Waterhouse combines an astute attention to detail with an honest desire to match the emotional impact of the music that inspires him by using all the vintage equipment recording to magnetic tape and mastered straight to mono on the same Gold Star Studios Lathe that Phil Spector & The Beach Boys once used.
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