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<!--120051129005763-->NMS - 'Imperial Letters Of Protection' [CD]
<!--120051129005763-->NMS - 'Imperial Letters Of Protection' [CD]
<!--120051129005763-->NMS - 'Imperial Letters Of Protection' [CD]
<!--120051129005763-->NMS - 'Imperial Letters Of Protection' [CD]


Imperial Letters Of Protection



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Bigg Jus and Orko Elohim drop lyrical napalm on the Bush administration and wack jiggy rappers with the second installment of their NMS collaboration, Imperial Letters of Protection. The industrial beats are discordant and unique, and may cause massive seizures in small children and neoconservatives alike. Justoleum and Orko flip mad styles and drop ill political science in the tradition of BDP, PE, Co Flow and Immortal Technique, but the duo's love of chaotic abstraction ensures you ain't never heard shit like this before. This is a soundtrack to the apocalypse, possessed by the revolutionary spirit. Check out "Seraphim Revolver" and "Chess with the Galaxies," K-the-I makes an ill appearance on "Hold the Atmosphere". In an era of political corruption and media control, NMS are an outspoken voice of political dissent which must be heard. Support the movement and hear them out.
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