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<!--020111220039018-->Nu Magik - 'The Vintage LP' [CD]
<!--020111220039018-->Nu Magik - 'The Vintage LP' [CD]
<!--020111220039018-->Nu Magik - 'The Vintage LP' [CD]
<!--020111220039018-->Nu Magik - 'The Vintage LP' [CD]

Nu Magik

The Vintage LP




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Nu MAGIK, comprised of Chicago-based emcee Draz and Los Angeles-based producer Duece Maxwell, have joined HiPNOTT Records to re-release their 2009 debut album, The Vintage LP. The re-release will serve as a precursor to the duo's upcoming HiPNOTT debut, V2 to be released early 2012. This special edition re-release of The Vintage LP will be available on compact disc for the first time ever and features two bonus remixes produced by UK producers Jazz Spastiks. Features on the album include Raphael Saadiq, JusBrea of Deep Rooted, Blu Smith, Phoebe Mac & Khan, Royale Krown, Pucali Raw and Smoke E. Digglera.

Patterned in the vein of such influential acts as De La Soul, Slum Village, A Tribe Of Called Quest, Gang Starr and many others; Nu MAGIK have set themselves apart from the norm, as well as geared themselves to meet some pretty high expectations. Comprised of Chicago emcee Draztic, and Southern California producer Deuce Maxwell, Nu MAGIK embodies the makings to become one of hip-hop's more refreshing acts. Blending elements of Jazz, R&B, and Hip Hop with a high-end soulful sound, Nu MAGIK creates a style all their own which only they could deliver.

Both Draztic and Duece Maxwell met during their tenure at Jake Records, as both were signed and recording as solo artists and subsequently released solo projects. After feeling disillusioned with their label, as well as the outcome of the handling of both of their projects, the two decided to join forces and record new material together under the guise of Nu MAGIK. Draz and Deuce would embark on a vigorous recording schedule, over a series of three months, sending material back and forth via electronic mail to create an album that would later become their debut effort - The Vintage; an album that would garner a significant viral following and critical praise and also lead them to meetings with several labels prior to joining the HiPNOTT roster.

Nu MAGIK's follow-up album V2 is currently in production and will be available for release in 2012.
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