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<!--2012071053-->NVRBRKN. - 'Record Sleeve' [(Black) Long Sleeve Shirt]
<!--2012071053-->NVRBRKN. - 'Record Sleeve' [(Black) Long Sleeve Shirt]
<!--2012071053-->NVRBRKN. - 'Record Sleeve' [(Black) Long Sleeve Shirt]
<!--2012071053-->NVRBRKN. - 'Record Sleeve' [(Black) Long Sleeve Shirt]


Record Sleeve


Long Sleeve Shirt


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  • NB53210027SLS
  • 6.7 oz
  • new (we only sell new items)
  • NVRBRKN. by DC Shoes
DC Shoes is proud to present the NVRBRKN concept collection. A head-to-toe product line with a design philosophy to boost confidence when facing opposition. Never compromising on comfort for the sake of fashion. And instead innovating with fashion utilizing premium and technical materials to make a functional statement.

Never Broken is a metaphor about overcoming adversity, mentally and physically. The primary word mark logo is a stylized short name consisting of the consonants taken from the two words "never broken" combined into one seven-letter word designed to support the DCSHOES 7-point DNA. The broken star logo mark is a reinterpretation of the 7 point star within the DC logo. A visual representation of a competitive attitude maintaining its original form despite the fracture of one of its points. Skateboarders are a testament to this spirit, since they are known for their ability to adapt to obstacles on the street using an unorthodox approach. Their mentality is to get back on the board despite injuries and being overlooked. Skaters pave their own way in society with a mindset that allows them to succeed on and off the board.

"Never Disrespect What You Don't Understand".


- Premium Fit with Soft Garment Wash
- Printed Graphic with Softhand Ink.