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On his third studio album, Offwhyte offers a soundscape filled with charismatic philosophies and cogent imagery. "Mainstay" provides a magnificent listening experience for the vibe-driven style enthusiast and lyrical junkie alike. Boasting a beautifully eclectic range of songs and sounds, the album is a breath of fresh air in this era of identity crisis and unwarranted braggadocio. Since its inception in 1999, Offwhyte has been a mainstay of the Galapagos4 empire. A co-founder of the label, Offwhyte set things in motion with Galapagos4's first full-length release, "Squints by Offwhyte". Since then, he has played a major part in the label's operations - both behind the scenes and behind the mic, releasing "The Fifth Sun" LP in 2002 and the controversial "Bow To The Sceptor" EP in 2004. Throughout it all, Offwhyte has been a mainstay of underground originality and sly wordplay. With this new release he personifies this notion. The artist has tapped into a new grittier sound with tracks like "GWARN!" and "Whimsical", while never compromising his mellower soul ballads like "The Metropolitan People". The album also packs plenty of surprises, including a few tracks with subtle reggae influences, and a storytelling track about his grandfather, "Wise Conscience". A highly-anticipated album, "Mainstay" finally emerges on November 13, 2007. With 15 tracks and almost an hour of music, the project flaunts a fluidity that transforms a collection of great songs into a monumental album.
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