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<!--120131029060201-->Ohmega Watts - 'Pieces Of A Dream' [CD]
<!--120131029060201-->Ohmega Watts - 'Pieces Of A Dream' [CD]
<!--120131029060201-->Ohmega Watts - 'Pieces Of A Dream' [CD]
<!--120131029060201-->Ohmega Watts - 'Pieces Of A Dream' [CD]

Ohmega Watts

Pieces Of A Dream



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Ohmega Watts is no stranger to the Hip Hop community as he began his early career with the northwestern hip hop trio, the Lightheaded.

With almost 6 years since the release of Watts Happening, Ohmega Watts is finally set to release his latest effort titled Pieces of a Dream. Even after a long hiatus, Ohmega Watts doesn't miss a beat,satisfying his fans and music enthusiasts alike with an electrifying single, "Higher".

In Pieces of a Dream Ohmega Watts limits himself from doing much sampling, and focuses on combining his love for both, synthesizers and organic drums, with a touch of beat experimentation. He went on to explain that his goal was to marry late 80s and mid-nineties hip hop, with a bit of added current / future elements of the day within his own style added to it.

"I set out to create a 6-7 song sequence of tracks that would blend and mesh in and out of each other with abrupt starting points and blends, reminiscent of actual dreams we have and experience that are only realized in the middle of a happening, and may have an end point or blend into an entirely different scene or happening. 'Higher' was the first track I'd completed both production and writing for which embodied my approach to one dream I wanted to shed light on... that being the broken 'American Dream' which in and of itself is a selfish one, and counter productive to living in community helping prosper our society. There's also fame / stardom and people vicariously living someone else's life or mimicking that life, instead of creating and living the purpose of their own.

The album morphed from an actual dream-like concept record into something more structured, but over the course of 3 years, I'd lived in the Bay area, Los Angeles, Orlando, FL, and Seattle, WA finally completing it! Life and my freelance work as a graphic designer kept me busy, while I continued to tweak and create tracks that could fit together, while distinct in their characteristics from one another, also attempting to not sound too similar to anything happening currently in music. A familiar vibe is one thing, but a track that sounds spacey and synth driven along with wobbly bass is everywhere... what else can I do to stand out but do it in the famous words of Sinatra and do it 'My Way'."
Ohmega Watts
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