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<!--020120626045606-->Open Mike Eagle w/ Awkward - '4NML HSPTL' [CD]
<!--020120626045606-->Open Mike Eagle w/ Awkward - '4NML HSPTL' [CD]
<!--020120626045606-->Open Mike Eagle w/ Awkward - '4NML HSPTL' [CD]
<!--020120626045606-->Open Mike Eagle w/ Awkward - '4NML HSPTL' [CD]

Open Mike Eagle w/ Awkward




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All artists intermittently succumb into their own neurosis. An obscure vacuum in between reality and an oppressively reoccurring daydream. A ceiling staring void where etymology and the visible spectrum are meticulously analyzed and deconstructed. The gulf between vexation and inspiration. A hospital that lithium drowning metal patients linger on the verge of enlightenment. An animal hospital. A by-product of the creative process - a mental run-off - experienced by sculptors, painters and rappers alike.

This abstraction is where Open Mike Eagle's new album 4NML HSPTL resides. With a pulse of progressive modern electronic hip hop beats exclusively by Bristol, UK, producer Awkward - one part Electro-Funk, one part Psychedelic future - 4NML HSPTL encapsulates the personal limbo; at all times dichotomous - tense but free-wheeling, unfettered yet restrained. The Los Angeles self-proclaimed 'art rap' artist finds his shine beyond the verge - proving himself a gifted MC for the here and now combining well-paced, dexterous raps with a melodic pop proclivity.

"A graduate of Project Blowed and close confederate of Nocando and Busdriver, Mike Eagle is intelligent in a genre that values street smarts over scholasticism."
-Los Angeles Times

"Since his Mush debut Unapologetic Art Rap, Open Mike Eagle has made party music for people who hang out for the sole purpose of overanalyzing obscure things"
-Impose Magazine

"Open Mike Eagle is dope!"
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