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<!--120120904047653-->Pacewon & Mr. Green - 'The Only Number That Matters Is Won' [CD]
<!--120120904047653-->Pacewon & Mr. Green - 'The Only Number That Matters Is Won' [CD]
<!--120120904047653-->Pacewon & Mr. Green - 'The Only Number That Matters Is Won' [CD]
<!--120120904047653-->Pacewon & Mr. Green - 'The Only Number That Matters Is Won' [CD]

Pacewon & Mr. Green

The Only Number That Matters Is Won



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Fresh off their stellar performance on the new Jedi Mind Tricks record "Violence Begets Violence",PaceWon and Mr. Green are back with their long awaited sophomore effort "The Only Number That Matters is Won." Boasting guest appearances from musical legends such as Snoop Dogg, Lee $cratch Perry and Masta Ace, as well as up and coming talents like Lawrence Arnell, Elephant Pelican and Burnt MD, this album is sure to captivate audiences young and old. PaceWon is at the top of his game. Rhyming about topics ranging from drug use to police brutality, to sex, love, adultery and the insecurities it causes. He leaves no stone unturned as far as subject matter is concerned. Getting more personal than he has gotten at any other point in his career, listeners will feel like they know him better after listening to this album in its entirety. As for beats, Mr. Green provides the raw hardcore boom-bap sound people loved on the first album "The Only Color that Matters is Green" but he does it in a way that even non rap fans will enjoy. This time around, listeners will hear some reggae influence in his production as well as some unexpected sounds like ragtime piano. Mr. Green also utilized his turntables more, scratching on more than half of the tracks on the record. Having already released 3 Singles + Music Videos to satisfy their fans, PaceWon & Mr.Green have them patiently waiting for their masterful release of "The Only Number That Matters is Won".
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