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<!--020111025035267-->People Under The Stairs - 'Highlighter' [CD]
<!--020111025035267-->People Under The Stairs - 'Highlighter' [CD]
<!--020111025035267-->People Under The Stairs - 'Highlighter' [CD]
<!--020111025035267-->People Under The Stairs - 'Highlighter' [CD]

People Under The Stairs




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Highlighter, People Under The Stairs' most ambitious work to date, marks their 8th album release and captures the unparalleled group at the height of their 14 year career. More than just an indie hip-hop album, Highlighter's outside collaborators comprise a group of influential LA indy-rock producers, engineers and live players featuring everything from full string sections to vintage vibraphones & keyboards. Recorded across a handpicked selection of Los Angeles studios, the duo dig deep into tape, consoles, obscure records and live players and emerge with a project that is both unique and yet familiar. Amidst the swirling musical landscapes, the P realize their most psychedilic album yet and continue to pioneer an alternate, innovative musical direction in rap music.

Los Angeles based People Under The Stairs, Double K (Michael Turner) and Thes One (Christopher Portugal) are the most successful fully independent hip-hop duo in the history of Hip-Hop. Since their initial full length release in 1998, People Under The Stairs have performed more than a thousand sold out shows, festivals and world tours spanning 6 continents and 40 countries. Their illustrious career includes an appearance on The Simpson's 20th Anniversary Special, a John Peele Session at Abbey Road, and groundbreaking performances at key festivals such as Glastonbury, Coachella and Bonnaroo, the last of which was noted by SPIN magazine as "Simply the best performance of Friday... Period". They continued to tour through 2010 with main stage plays at Outside Lands Festival, Governors Ball NYC and many others. The P will be heading out in September with Mac Miller and playing headline dates throughout the US in all major and minor markets.
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