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<!--020110927035265-->PH - 'Know The Ledge' [CD]
<!--020110927035265-->PH - 'Know The Ledge' [CD]
<!--020110927035265-->PH - 'Know The Ledge' [CD]
<!--020110927035265-->PH - 'Know The Ledge' [CD]


Know The Ledge



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The Brooklyn born lyricist PH (formerly known as "Pumpkinhead") has always been an artist of integrity, respected by his vast following throughout the United States, Canada, Europe, Japan and Australia. His ability to persevere in a hostile industry climate with no major label or industry co-sign is what has prompted many to hail him as the "Underground King" for years ...

Since his classic debut "THE OLD TESTAMENT", PH has proved that he is an artist who not only battles and performs, but who makes great albums, releasing the "BEAUTIFUL MIND EP", "ORANGE MOON OVER BROOKLYN" and "BORED OF EDUCATION", his collaborative album with BROOKLYN ACADEMY members Metaphor and BlockMcLoud, as well as countless collaborations for one-off records and compilations.

With many battle titles under his belt, including recent GrindTimeNow, K.O.T.D and theMagnum Live Large Competition victories in which LUDACRIS dubbed him "NYC's MVP", PH is energized and ready to hit the world with new music.

Supported by his partnership deal with MCMI Incorporated (MCMI Records, MCMI Apparel, MCMI Studios,, PH is stronger than ever and producing some of his greatest music. The first installment is "KNOW THE LEDGE", a Street LP which is a precursor to his next project "REVENGE OF RADAMES".
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