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<!--2013112656-->Polyrhythmics - 'Libra Stripes' [CD]
<!--2013112656-->Polyrhythmics - 'Libra Stripes' [CD]
<!--2013112656-->Polyrhythmics - 'Libra Stripes' [CD]
<!--2013112656-->Polyrhythmics - 'Libra Stripes' [CD]


Libra Stripes


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People have asked, people have been patient, but now people get ready. After snapping up their limited edition 45 singles on Kept Records and Electric Cowbell Records, DJs, funk fans, vinyl heads and instrumental afro-enthusiasts alike will finally be able to lay their hands on a full-length Polyrhythmics platter.

This is a funk record. No suspenders, emotional folksy rock ballads, vocoder or synthesized soul will be found on this release. Multiple-horns, multiple rhythms, and multiple players. This album is a straight-up instrumental attack, where the only voice you hear is the collective force of these eight players hitting all original cuts live and off the floor. Let's be clear about it: Polyrhythmics are not trying to emulate or recreate something that has already been done. This is not "retro," or "throwback;" this is music being made together, today in The Now. The raw, fresh and genuine sounds captured on Libra Stripes are an instrumental testament to the universal groove and appeal of funk and afrobeat music, and present a clear call to everyone to get up and occupy the dance floor.
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