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<!--120080429013593-->Portishead - 'Third' [CD]
<!--120080429013593-->Portishead - 'Third' [CD]
<!--120080429013593-->Portishead - 'Third' [CD]
<!--120080429013593-->Portishead - 'Third' [CD]




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Named after the shipping town where founding member Geoff Barrow grew up, Portishead formed in Bristol, England, in 1991. Despite limited publicity and touring, the group rose to international acclaim in the 90's with two groundbreaking studio albums, Dummy and Portishead, as well as a live album featuring strings by the New York Philharmonic orchestra.

Now, after going 10 years without releasing any new material and only performing live a handful of times, Portishead has returned with a much-anticipated new studio album, aptly titled Third. While the album's striking, solemn march will surely resonate with those who fell in love with the group in the 90's, Third is evidence that Portishead has grown and evolved over the years, yet remains as innovative and original as ever. The album affirms the group's innate ability to craft music that is both delicate and powerful - breathtaking, timeless songs that transcend genre and defy comparison.
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