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<!--120050322011706-->Prefuse 73 - 'Surrounded By Silence' [CD]

Prefuse 73

Surrounded By Silence




Scott Herren a.k.a. Prefuse 73 showcases his skills as arguably the most talented experimental producer to bridge the gap between electronica and hip-hop on Surrounded By Silence. Using multi-layered production, Prefuse fuses beats with samples, custom fitting his backdrops for a variety of talented emcees. While the production remains the centerpiece in all of Prefuse's work, Surrounded By Silence is a collaborative album, showcasing the skills of both lesser and better known emcees. A close nit relationship with both the Wu and Def Jux crews yields outstanding results on "HideYaFace," featuring Ghostface Killah and El-P, and "Just The Thought," where we find Masta Killa in his element alongside Gza. Prefuse does an excellent job of making completely estranged sounds and artistic styles flow from one track to the next. This talent is exemplified in the segue from the electronic, spiritual sounding "Mantra Two" with singer Tyondai Braxton, into "Sabbatical With Options" featuring the mechanical rhyme style of Aesop Rock. Prefuse demonstrates a knack for picking hot samples, pairing rappers with tailor-made beats, and creating a sound which at times blurs the line between electronica and underground hip-hop on Surrounded By Silence.
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