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<!--020080624014011-->Presto - 'State Of The Art EP' [(Black) Vinyl EP]
<!--020080624014011-->Presto - 'State Of The Art EP' [(Black) Vinyl EP]
<!--020080624014011-->Presto - 'State Of The Art EP' [(Black) Vinyl EP]
<!--020080624014011-->Presto - 'State Of The Art EP' [(Black) Vinyl EP]


State Of The Art EP

Black Vinyl

Vinyl EP Record


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Presto's 12" EP, State of the Art, isn't a condemnation of hip-hop's current inclinations or an attempt to relive its past, but a celebration of the music's potential. There's an immediacy in his productions outmatched only by their breezy dispositions. Jazzy saxophones float into hazy rooms where MPCs and real emcees trade stories over the sounds of a quiet piano player tucked in the corner. And even as no one is discussing the world's problem, every conversation is completely earnest and in your face.

The CL Smooth-assisted "Part of Greatness" provides optimism long missing in this negative world, all without an ounce of cheery cheesiness that threatens amongst the mere mention of positive thinking. Presto's sonic squeals and uplifting piano lay an uptempo blueprint for reaching towards the sky with both feet firmly planted on the ground.OkayPlayer's favorite future of hip-hop Blu lets the night linger into more mysterious hours with "Pour Another Glass," over a beat that puts Presto on par with hip-hop's storied canon of producers.

Not 15 years too late, but right on time. Presto isn't hiding on a clunky Xerox under his shirt.he's constructing a new machine to be copied by future time travelers.
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