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<!--020110906036826-->Radio Rahim w/ Panik - 'Let The People Know' [CD]
<!--020110906036826-->Radio Rahim w/ Panik - 'Let The People Know' [CD]
<!--020110906036826-->Radio Rahim w/ Panik - 'Let The People Know' [CD]
<!--020110906036826-->Radio Rahim w/ Panik - 'Let The People Know' [CD]

Radio Rahim w/ Panik

Let The People Know



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RADIO RAHIM is no new comer to hip hop culture and lyrical artistry. After releasing his first solo album "Borne Phoenix" (under ebraHIM) in 2005 he took a hiatus to travel around the globe in search of truth. From Africa to the Middle East to the Far East several profound experiences embedded the universal principles of humanity into his character and soul. He returned to the states focused on uplifting people through his action and word. In an effort to help bring about real social change and unity RADIO RAHIM participated in numerous conferences, grassroots organizations and protests all for the cause of justice.

In early, 2010 while attending a conference in Miami he met the grandson of the great visionary leader Malcolm X, Hajj Malcolm Shabazz. At the same time RADIO RAHIM had linked up with Chicago legend Panik (Molemen Records) and began scripting a new project. Through dialogue with Hajj Malcolm Shabazz, RADIO RAHIM pieced together several songs inspired by speeches from Malcolm X. Within a short time the entire "Let The People Know" album was written and soon recorded with long time friends at Transit Gal Records. Nearing the albums completion on May 22nd 2011 RADIO RAHIM was brutally assaulted and choked by a Washington DC police officer during a peaceful protest in support of Palestine. This intense situation lead RADIO RAHIM to share the traumatic event in a song which is featured as a bonus track to this very artistic, political, and spiritual album. With the official seal on his name and a broken halo over his head RADIO RAHIM is back to "Let The People Know".
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