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<!--020120221040701-->Raffertie - 'Mass Appeal EP' [(Black) Vinyl EP]


Mass Appeal EP

Black Vinyl Import

Vinyl EP Record


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  • Feb 21, 2012
  • Electronic
  • 5021392704166
  • ZEN12306EP
  • 9.3 oz
  • new (we only sell new items)
  • Ninja Tune Records
  • Raffertie
Contextually, the Mass Appeal EP fits neatly as a natural successor to Raffertie's most recent release, the critically-acclaimed Visual Acuity EP. This time it's more about the subtlety of groove and patchworks of sonic colour, rather than out-and-out dancefloor madness. The dexterity of its musical content, like that of VA, reveals itself in the elastic manipulation of its rhythms and timbres. From the burrowing focal clarity of the epic "One Track Mind" to the unnatural spinning, air-like quality of "Brevity", this EP has a life completely of its own. Closing track "Courage Boy" is littered with traces of Raffertie's own voice, but rather than giving sole focus and attention to the voice as a lead line, he focuses on the texture of the sound, like any other instrument woven and balanced within the music.

Above all this music exercises a desire not to be tied down to any musical direction, style or genre. As Raffertie himself explains, "I want my music to be judged on its own merits, not in comparison to any genre or style. In any genre the very word results in preconceptions, often inaccurate, of what to expect." It also removes a lot of the joy of simply listening and drawing one's own conclusions, something which Raffertie sees as part of the essential excitement of listening to music.

Raffertie promises that the music contained in his forthcoming album will be different all over again from that gathered on his first two EPs for Ninja.
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