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<!--120130521048966-->Rapsody - 'The Idea Of Beautiful' [CD]
<!--120130521048966-->Rapsody - 'The Idea Of Beautiful' [CD]
<!--120130521048966-->Rapsody - 'The Idea Of Beautiful' [CD]
<!--120130521048966-->Rapsody - 'The Idea Of Beautiful' [CD]


The Idea Of Beautiful





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Rapsody is the protg of Grammy-Award winning producer 9th Wonder, the first lady of North Carolina super-crew Kooley High, and one of the first artists signed to 9th Wonder's Jamla Records/It's A Wonderful World Music Group. As the brainchild of 9th Wonder's true school resurgence, Rapsody consistently sets the bar high for all emcees; male and female alike.

Paying homage to her Hip-Hop godmothers (MC Lyte, Queen Latifah, Lauryn Hill), this Snow Hill, North Carolina native represents much more then the female side of Hip-Hop Culture beyond the lines of gender, proving that anything the boys can do, Rapsody can do too; and better!

Rapsody has proven her impeccable craftsmanship with features on 9th Wonder's Dream Merchant 2, Skyzoo's DJ-Drama hosted "The Power Of Words" and her numerous Kooley High performances. She's captivated audiences at sold-out performances at dozens of venues on 'The Incredibly Dope' tour with Mac Miller and the 'Mic Fest' tour with 9th Wonder.

Rapsody's debut, The Idea Of Beautiful, takes a deeper look at the many connotations that the word "beautiful" evokes in our society and the lengths we go to embody those traits. Rapsody wastes little time delivering her message, as her style is both polished and distinct and her wordplay and flow exceed anyone's definition of "beautiful" in both delivery and execution. As Rapsody continues to strive to contend with her pedigreed predecessors, she proves with The Idea Of Beautiful that she is well on her way to becoming one of the most promising artists in today's Hip-Hop culture.
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