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<!--020110802032648-->Ras G - 'Down 2 Earth' [CD]

Ras G

Down 2 Earth



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After his Destination There EP and digital-only album on Flying Lotus' Brainfeeder, Ras G steps back to Ramp with his signature speaker-popping, extrasolar instrumental hip-hop with album Down 2 Earth. Residing on the left coast, Ras is godfather to the post-Dilla instrumental hip-hop movement, releasing various vinyl releases on his own Poobah label as far back as 2005, which were instrumental in the formation of the L.A. beats scene way before a Flying Lotus beat had a sniff of PVC. His dusty beats and booming bass humps are still standing tall in an often-stagnant field. Down 2 Earth is his rawest, most straight-up hip-hop release to date, sewing together dub soundsystem culture into a Donuts style beattape format.
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