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<!--020061031007757-->Raw Produce - 'Selling Celery To Get A Salary: Remixes, Demos & B-Sides' [(Black) Vinyl LP]

Raw Produce

Selling Celery To Get A Salary: Remixes, Demos & B-Sides

Black Vinyl

Vinyl LP Record


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Raw Produce's "Selling Celery to Get a Salary: Remixes, demos and b-sides" traces the evolution of Raw Produce since their demo tape days in the early 90's. The album features unreleased demos, remixes and hard-to-find b-sides and international releases that showcase Cadence and Pitch as lyricists and producers. It includes many unreleased and hard to find tracks, including songs dating back as far as 1991-4 years before the group's first commercial release. With beats and rhymes from the likes of 7L & Esoteric, Akrobatik, Thes One (People Under the Stairs), J Rawls (Lone Catalysts), and more.
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