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<!--020100608021205-->Reef The Lost Cauze vs Guns-N-Butter - 'Fight Music' [CD]
<!--020100608021205-->Reef The Lost Cauze vs Guns-N-Butter - 'Fight Music' [CD]
<!--020100608021205-->Reef The Lost Cauze vs Guns-N-Butter - 'Fight Music' [CD]
<!--020100608021205-->Reef The Lost Cauze vs Guns-N-Butter - 'Fight Music' [CD]

Reef The Lost Cauze vs Guns-N-Butter

Fight Music



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Once regarded as Philadelphia Hip-Hop's best kept secret, Reef the Lost Cauze is no longer the best underground MC you've never heard of: he's ready to shed the title once and for all and become a household name. The battle-tested MC is poised to have a breakthrough year in 2010: not by switching up his style or conforming to ready-made ideals of mainstream acceptability, but rather by staying true to the basic formula of raw rhymes and murderous beats. Reef stands as the new sound of Philadelphia. He carries with him the city's long-standing tradition of musical history and innovation.

After dropping two critically-acclaimed albums 2005's Feast or Famine and 2008's A Vicious Cycle, Reef has teamed with producers Guns-N-Butter(aka Stu Bangas, J-Scrilla and Chop-la-Rok) as well as some high-profile rappers like Kool G.Rap, Vinnie Paz( of Jedi Mind Tricks), R.A the Rugged Man, Slaine(La Coka Nostra), Big Noyd, Akir, Bloodsport, King Magnetic, and K-Beta for the 13 rounds of raw rap that comprise his latest album, Fight Music. From the braggadocio raps on songs like "I'm a G" to the introspective rhymes of "Get me Outta Here" Reef's lyrical dexterity finds a welcome home on Guns-N-Butter's neck snapping soundtracks.
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