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<!--120120327041018-->Regional Garland - 'Mixed Sugar: The Complete Works, 1970-1987' [CD]
<!--120120327041018-->Regional Garland - 'Mixed Sugar: The Complete Works, 1970-1987' [CD]
<!--120120327041018-->Regional Garland - 'Mixed Sugar: The Complete Works, 1970-1987' [CD]
<!--120120327041018-->Regional Garland - 'Mixed Sugar: The Complete Works, 1970-1987' [CD]

Regional Garland

Mixed Sugar: The Complete Works, 1970-1987




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The collected works of the Flint, Michigan soul singer/songwriter and his band. Contains the crossover masterpiece "It's A Bad Feeling" and entries by Hunts Determination Band, 21st Generations, Reggie and Vann and Brilliance. Presented as a CD and 2LP. Presale at Stones Throw Feb. 13th. Worldwide street date March 27th.

Although Flint, Michigan's Regional Garland toiled in regional obscurity for years, he managed to pen, sing and produce a series of 1970s soul songs that have been appreciated for decades in various musical circles around the world. Some - like The Perfections' "Girl, You Better Hurry" and the 21st Generations' "I Need Love" - have been lionized by the soul-collecting cognoscenti. Others - such as Mixed Sugar's "It's A Bad Feeling" and "Fifteen Ain't Young No More" - were played in the hallowed halls of Northern Soul Parthenon Wiggan Casino in the mid-'70s and helped anchor the 80s Modern Soul scene.

Still relevant in 2011, Garland's songs have inspired a second generation of fans, many of whom weren't even born when Garland originally recorded them. This anthology pieces together the disparate elements of Garland's recording arc; it spans from his earliest songwriting efforts for Flint vocal combos who released their music on independent imprints, to his demos recorded for Chicago soul-impresario Jerry Butler, through music he produced and released on his proprietary imprints through the late 70s to mid 80s. As such, this is a varied album, which encompasses symphonic soul, heavy funk, pleading ballads, proto-disco and boogie.

Much of the audio contained on Mixed Sugar: The Complete Works, 1970-1987 came from master tapes and is previously unreleased. CD comes with a 32 page booklet; 2LP comes with a 16 page booklet. Both includes a wealth of photos and ephemera and extensive liner notes by Ronnie Reese and Egon.
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