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<!--020131112060830-->Rite Hook - 'From The Wrong' [CD]
<!--020131112060830-->Rite Hook - 'From The Wrong' [CD]
<!--020131112060830-->Rite Hook - 'From The Wrong' [CD]
<!--020131112060830-->Rite Hook - 'From The Wrong' [CD]

Rite Hook

From The Wrong



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Rite Hook stands as a Hip Hop icon in a world where no sunshine exists. Hallow and ominous, his choruses seduce listeners, tempting them to fall prey to his melodies like the sweet addictions he raps about. "From The Wrong" is the latest installment from the Boston MC. Themes of drug abuse and violence reoccur, a constant reminder of his ongoing battle with the demons within. With help from Vinnie Paz, Madchild, Slaine, Reef The Lost Cauze and Jaysaun, this album will grab you from the beginning and take you on an emotional roller coaster of a man trying to rebuild himself and right his wrongs of the past. Producers include C-Lance, Lu Balz, Teddy Roxpin, Matty Trump, Rob Whitaker and Tha Dom Benedetto
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