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<!--2010100514-->Roc C - 'Scapegoat' [CD]
<!--2010100514-->Roc C - 'Scapegoat' [CD]
<!--2010100514-->Roc C - 'Scapegoat' [CD]
<!--2010100514-->Roc C - 'Scapegoat' [CD]

Roc C



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"Scapegoat" combines Roc C.'s affinity for major label sound and an independent spirit and vision. Long known as one of indie hip-hop's hardest working emcees (both in the studio and out), Roc C. continues to develop and grow as an all-around artist with each release. Through his collaborations with The Jackson Bros. (aka Madlib & OhNo), placements on games (Fight Night, Scarface, Tony Hawk Night and movies (Dirty), and constant touring, Roc stays in front of his audience and keeps himself relevant both in sound and subject matter.
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