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<!--2012111338-->Roc Marciano - 'Reloaded' [CD]
<!--2012111338-->Roc Marciano - 'Reloaded' [CD]
<!--2012111338-->Roc Marciano - 'Reloaded' [CD]
<!--2012111338-->Roc Marciano - 'Reloaded' [CD]

Roc Marciano



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On November 13th 2012, Long Island rapper/producer/ex-Flipmode Squad member Roc Marciano is dropping his sophomore full-length on Decon.

The long-awaited 15-track album is an ice-cold slice of New York rap grittiness from a dead-eyed master of the craft. Reloaded is largely self-produced and thematically airtight. The album showcases Roc in his prime, not so much flexing as effortlessly dismissing any question of his prowess as a producer and emcee. His masterful manipulation of stark loops is wildly refreshing, each utilitarian snare catching threatening syllables at a measured yet completely unravelled clip and spattering vivid imagery on each chilling instrumental. The album also includes guest production from The Alchemist, Q-Tip, Arch Druids, and Ray West, as well as guest apperances by Ka.
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