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<!--020140419062649-->Rodion G.A. - 'Misuinea Spatiala Delta (Delta Space Mission)' [(Black) Vinyl EP]

Rodion G.A.

Misuinea Spatiala Delta (Delta Space Mission)

Black Vinyl Import

Vinyl EP Record


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Product Details
Strut teams up once again with Rodion Rosa, Romania's rejuvenated electronic music pioneer, to make available an intriguing lost film soundtrack for the first time anywhere. Inspired by early '80s Star Wars mania Victor Antonescu had first created 'Misuinea Spatiala Delta' ('Delta Space Mission') as a domestic animated TV series in 1983. Despite recording a 15-minute prototype score, Rodion's music was tragically shelved at a late stage, remaining an unreleased oddity in his archive until now.
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