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<!--020120327040936-->Rudy Ray Moore - 'His Filthy Best!!!' [CD]
<!--020120327040936-->Rudy Ray Moore - 'His Filthy Best!!!' [CD]
<!--020120327040936-->Rudy Ray Moore - 'His Filthy Best!!!' [CD]
<!--020120327040936-->Rudy Ray Moore - 'His Filthy Best!!!' [CD]

Rudy Ray Moore

His Filthy Best!!!



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An XXX-Rated comedian who has used jazz and R&B accompaniment when delivering his raunchy rhymes, Rudy Ray Moore has been called the "Godfather of Rap." Among non-black audiences, Moore was never as well known as Richard Pryor, Eddie Murphy or Redd Foxx, but he has commanded a loyal cult following in the Black community and has influenced Rap and Hip Hop artistes ranging from The 2 Live Crew to Ice-T to Big Daddy Kane (who hired him as a guest on his 1990 recording "Big Daddy Vs. Dolemite"), not to mention Blowfly. A perfect introduction to Moore's 1970s work, this CD boats such outrageously funny cult classics as "Dolemite," "Signifying Monkey" and "Hurricane Annie."

Moore didn't hesitate to be sexually explicit, and many of the characters he portrayed are pimps, players, hustlers and prostitutes. Admittedly, Moore isn't for everyone, but those who aren't offended or turned off by the profane or the sexually explicit shouldn't miss these classic recordings, which are both historically important and incredibly entertaining.

We now present Rudy Ray Moore at His Filthy Best!!!
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