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<!--020110517034008-->Ryu Black - 'Perfect Heaven' [CD]
<!--020110517034008-->Ryu Black - 'Perfect Heaven' [CD]
<!--020110517034008-->Ryu Black - 'Perfect Heaven' [CD]
<!--020110517034008-->Ryu Black - 'Perfect Heaven' [CD]

Ryu Black

Perfect Heaven



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Producer/MC MeccaGodzilla unveils alter ego "RYU BLACK" as the protagonist of his current Hip Hop Musical "PERFECT (Kanji Symbol)" (the kanji symbol has a dual meaning of Ten and Heaven).

Paying homage to Capcom's classic fighting game Street Fighter II, "Perfect (Kanji Symbol) showcases the Long Island emcees bi-lingual love affair with hip-hop and the land with the largest number of giant monster footprints. And it's not all J-pop and video games, either. Following ancient hip-hop traditions, Ryu also speaks on heavier subjects, including teen suicide, bullying, stereotypes, divinity, the afterlife, and the blurring of cultural boundaries. Assisting him in this gigantic endeavor are guest artists Masia One, MegaRan, Majesty, Divine Life, Dashah and several others. As a killer finishing move, Ryu also enlisted comic book artist and homeboy Ronald Wimberly (aka D-pi) to provide the album's beautiful 64-bit visuals. Yeah, Perfect (Kanji Symbol) is an album for folks who belong to the subculture within a subculture: the hip-hop heads who are also booty shakin' video game junkies, subtitle decipherers, manga fanatics and proto-culture addicts...."
- St. Paco,

Resulting from 3 years of work, including a successful Kickstarter Campaign, this limited edition CD also serves multi-philanthropic causes including Ovarian Cancer Canada and relief funds for Haiti and Japan. "Even for those not into Street Fighter, the album holds more than enough integrity to hip-hop for any fan of the genre to vibe to... Sonically, it occupies that realm encompassing Wu, RZA, DOOM and Monsta Island Czars (of which MeccaGodZilla is a former member) ..."
- Soulquarian14 of

A portion of the proceeds will be donated to Ovarian Cancer Canada (a national charity in Canada dedicated soley to overcoming ovarian cancer) in addition to Japan's Tsunami/Earthquake relief efforts and Haiti's Earthquake relief efforts.
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