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<!--2013041651-->SAFE - 'SAFE' [CD]
<!--2013041651-->SAFE - 'SAFE' [CD]
<!--2013041651-->SAFE - 'SAFE' [CD]
<!--2013041651-->SAFE - 'SAFE' [CD]




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  • Apr 16, 2013
  • Electronic
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  • Greedhead Music
SAFE is mulatto crooner CF Edley & instrumental collaborators. Edley grew up a poet and visual artist before he began writing music in Montana and Vermont. This collection of songs is Edley's first EP which was completed in Oakland, CA. SAFE passions include flora, fauna, and cooking flora and fauna. SAFE is also into agriculture. SAFE cares mostly about music and food, substance and feeling. Major musical influences include Bill Withers, Gil Scott Heron,Thomas Mapfumo, Paul Simon, Eric Dolphy, probably Bob Marley, definitely Bob Marley, and Stevie Wonder.

Edley is currently messing with rappers under the name SAFE, collaborating with gentlemen like Toro Y Moi, Lelf, Heems, Kool A.D., Lakutis, Aantwon, and producers like Scott Thorough and Steel Tipped Dove. He has shared the stage with Das Racist, Lelf, Main Attraktionz, YACHT, Bear Hands, Trackademics, Lake, Japanther, Karl Blau, Kimya Dawson, Pictureplane and many others and touring plans will begin in April.
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