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<!--020050208011639-->Sage Francis - 'A Healthy Distrust' [CD]

Sage Francis

A Healthy Distrust


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Finally the wait is over for what is arguably the most anticipated indie rap album of the year. One of the first hip-hop releases from veteran punk rock label Epitaph (see Atmosphere and The Coup), A Healthy Distrust must be making the label heads wonder why they didn't branch out into hip-hop sooner. Known for his use of metaphors and abstract disassociation, Sage Francis gives listeners reason to keep this album on lock non-stop as he tackles tough issues in a way that allows the listener to gain new insight with each rotation. A Healthy Distrust features production by Reanimator, Alias, DJ Dangermouse, Joe Beats, Daddy Kev, Controller 7, and Sixtoo to name a few.
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