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<!--2011100431-->Saucy Lady - 'Diversify' [CD]
<!--2011100431-->Saucy Lady - 'Diversify' [CD]
<!--2011100431-->Saucy Lady - 'Diversify' [CD]
<!--2011100431-->Saucy Lady - 'Diversify' [CD]

Saucy Lady



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"Diversify" is the debut album by Boston's Saucy Lady, and it truly lives up to its name with character and attitude. A bi-cultural Japan native, the singer/songwriter is also a DJ, whose style is reflected in the eclectic nature of the album. It opens with "Who is Saucy Lady," produced by DJ Pforreal and mixed/arranged by Prince Paul. The album follows with a melting pot of disco, hip hop, house, afro-beat, even bossa nova. With a voice both soothing and sultry, Saucy Lady envelops the listener in a tapestry of feel-good grooves and jazz funk in the vein of Slave and Patrice Rushen. However, this is no mere throwback to a timeless era, but rather a sophisticated distillation of evocative sounds that will appeal to modern tastes.
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