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<!--020111011017116-->Screwball - 'Loyalty: 10th Anniversary Editon' [CD]
<!--020111011017116-->Screwball - 'Loyalty: 10th Anniversary Editon' [CD]
<!--020111011017116-->Screwball - 'Loyalty: 10th Anniversary Editon' [CD]
<!--020111011017116-->Screwball - 'Loyalty: 10th Anniversary Editon' [CD]


Loyalty: 10th Anniversary Editon




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In Queensbridge hip hop is more than just music. It's a life. It's a way out. It's real. In 2001 QB rappers KL, Hostyle, Blaq Poet & Kyron, collectively known as Screwball, released this classic of the Queensbridge sound. As always, the QB beats are grimy. The production on "Loyalty", primarily from Ayatollah and Godfather Don, with key selections from The Beatnuts and Ghetto Pros, follow that template and do not disappoint. This straight-forward New York Boom Bap production is augmented by guest legends on the mic that include Kool G Rap, N.O.R.E, M.O.P. Nature, and Tragedy Khadafi. Cormega is featured on the title cut with one of the stand out lines from the entire project, a rhyme that well sums up the Queensbridge ethos "Loyalty is worth more than wealth". This seminal representation of the Queensbridge story is once again available in the form of "Loyalty: The 10 Anniversary Edition", 100-percent unadulterated, down-and dirty street music as raw and powerful today as it was back in the day. Hydra Records would like to dedicate this re-issue to memories of Louis Chandler a.k.a. Screwball, the group's namesake, and KL (K. Lewis) may you both Rest In Power.
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