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<!--120101102023973-->Sean Strange - 'Street Urchin' [CD]
<!--120101102023973-->Sean Strange - 'Street Urchin' [CD]
<!--120101102023973-->Sean Strange - 'Street Urchin' [CD]
<!--120101102023973-->Sean Strange - 'Street Urchin' [CD]

Sean Strange

Street Urchin




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A super producer and one-fourth of the underground group NGP, Sean Strange was born Sean Gillen in Queens, New York. He has been releasing street mixtapes solo and with NGP for the past 6 years and has been developing his tenacious style of raw hip hop since 1997. Sean spent 2007-2010 as a member of the legendary independent powerhouse "Psycho+Logical" Records ("PLR") run by Death Rapper NECRO. During his time there, he produced and was featured on several PLR projects which helped him develop a loyal and dedicated cult following. His most successful project on PLR was Mr. Hyde's album "Chronicles of the Beastman" which sold over 7,000 CDs worldwide. Sean's last mixtape "Code of the Creep" sold over 2,000 CDs worldwide and over 5,000 digital downloads on In 2008, he was also featured on the cover of Hip Hop Connection Magazine in the U.K. Sean was also the most downloaded artist of 2009 on In 2010, Sean delivers "STREET URCHIN," his debut solo release on Intelligent Music Entertainment, Inc./C.P.R.
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