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<!--020120424040933-->Sene - 'Brooklyknight' [CD]
<!--020120424040933-->Sene - 'Brooklyknight' [CD]
<!--020120424040933-->Sene - 'Brooklyknight' [CD]
<!--020120424040933-->Sene - 'Brooklyknight' [CD]





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Sene was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York City. The son of a native New Yorker and a mother from Puerto Rico, Sene's childhood never had a dull moment growing up in Sheepshead Bay (South Brooklyn). His mother would play salsa music while cleaning their one bedroom apartment and when his father was still around, he would play his electric guitar for his son and captivate him with old tapes from Woodstock. Though exposed to it from an early age, it wasn't until his step-brother gave him Common's One Day It'll All Make Sense that the hip-hopbug bit a pre-teen Sene. Eventually he jacked that CD from his brother and started writing. He started soaking up all the classic hip-hop that sprung from NY in the late 90's, with the Rawkus Soundbombing series being particularly influential. Ironically, it did not connect with Sene until years later that the music that was so pivotal in changing his life was being made in his own borough.

Rapping quickly became more than a hobby for Sene, but between the knucklehead lifestyle and his home life, the would-be MC did not have much of an outlet for his creativity. At 18, Sene picked up his high school diploma and the very next day he was on a plane for the West Coast. Initially the plan was to get some student loans, go to school and work. Unfortunately some of that knuckle-head business kept Sene from qualifying for certain kinds of assistance, so the plan became to work and rap. He slowly but surely started developing his lyricism and identity as an MC and began meeting like-minded people and rocking live shows. Soon after his arrival to the west coast, Sene moved to Santa Barbara where he met a friend who ran a college radio show at UCSB which led the young MC freestyling on air for weeks on the show. That same friend later interned for Sound-In-Color, which is where Sene met Blu.

After moving to the Antelope Valley, Sene got a call from Blu, offering Sene production--the roots for his debut LP were planted. Later, a hectic phone conversation led to a poor young lady being coerced into driving out to Antelope Valley and back to Slauson Avenue in the middle of the night so the two MC's could lay the foundation for their album A Day Late & A Dollar Short. Upon nearing the album's completion, something inside Sene clicked. He felt it was only right that he be in Brooklyn when his first full length is released. So like that, Sene hopped back on a steel bird back east. After being back home a bit, on the evening of a show at Santos Party House with Homeboy Sandman and Donwill, Sene met Pace Rivers from The Clubhouse. Pace approached Sene about working together and from there Sene began frequenting The Clubhouse. It was from his work at that locale that the project Exit, Us was born. A collection of self- produced vigniettes has made for the most powerful piece Sene has made to date.The project caught the attention of LA indie-label Plug Research and soon Sene found himself as the only MC on the acclaimed label's roster. Sene has witnessed his writing mature and develop to a point where it can now stand on it's own. His songs and projects now have sounds of their own, an identity of their own. No longer searching for some hot bars, Sene is now aiming to paint landscapes with words, in his own unique way, and is well on his journey. His sophomore album brooklyknight is set to hit stores on April 24th, 2012 on Plug Research.
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