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<!--020090421016531-->Sex Mob Meets Medeski - 'Live In Willisau' [CD]

Sex Mob Meets Medeski

Live In Willisau



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Sex Mob, headed by horn-meister Steven Bernstein, is a potent force in the field of jazz performance, both in the studio and on the road. Now, with the special ingredient of John Medeski (Medeski, Martin & Wood) added to their line-up for their concert in Willsau, they have put together their first live release in their decorated career. It's no secret that Sex Mob's main attraction comes from their hot and upbeat live act, which always makes audience members move and pump their fists... Not merely a straighyt-up jazz ensemble, Sex Mob is in fact a frenetic and electric tour-de-force (as has been exemplified in their grammy nominated album "Sexotica"). For that reason, this release is a long awaited and much sought after find for fans of this truly innovative band.
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