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<!--2006080141-->Sex Mob - 'Sexotica' [CD]
<!--2006080141-->Sex Mob - 'Sexotica' [CD]
<!--2006080141-->Sex Mob - 'Sexotica' [CD]
<!--2006080141-->Sex Mob - 'Sexotica' [CD]

Sex Mob



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Never a band to conform, Sex Mob has consistently made music that is innovative and fresh. Their latest album, SEXOTICA features original Sex Mob music in the spirit of Martin Denny and the Exotica genre. Joined by the production team Good and Evil, Sex Mob has created an album featuring modern electronic production, while maintaining their usual acoustic brilliance. The result is an acoustic -electric mindbender of an album that features the best parts of both mediums.

SEXOTICA is an entertaining ride, incorporating humor, unique production and an overall feeling of exuberance. With solid compositions and interesting twists throughout the album, Sex Mob is clearly forwarding their mission of making jazz music engaging and fun.
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