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<!--120090630017208-->Shad - 'The Old Prince' [CD]
<!--120090630017208-->Shad - 'The Old Prince' [CD]
<!--120090630017208-->Shad - 'The Old Prince' [CD]
<!--120090630017208-->Shad - 'The Old Prince' [CD]


The Old Prince




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You may have seen his reviews in high profile publications like, Alternative Press, or Exclaim. Or maybe you saw his #1 video worldwide on Youtube- a parody of 'The Fresh Prince of Bel Air' for the song 'The Old Prince Still Lives at Home'. Or maybe you saw him at CMJ or SXSW this year. Or maybe you haven't heard of him... yet. Shad is set to drop his critically acclaimed record, 'The Old Prince' in the United States on June 30th via Black Box. The album is a thinly veiled concept record, ranging in scope from witty and self-deprecating, to insightful and introspective.

Shadrach Kabango, aka Shad, was born in Kenya to Rwandan refugees. He moved to Canada at an early age and honed his skills in the not-so-hip hop hotbed of London, Ontario. In doing so, he has quickly established himself as one of Canada's most important urban voices. Come June 30, 2009, he'll be one of Canada's most important urban exports. Already nominated for the Polaris Music Prize and a Juno Award in Canada, Shad has his sights on conquering the United States next. Catch him on the entire 2009 Vans Warped Tour supporting the U.S. release of 'The Old Prince.'
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