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<!--2011031523-->Significant7 - 'Los Angeles' [CD]
<!--2011031523-->Significant7 - 'Los Angeles' [CD]
<!--2011031523-->Significant7 - 'Los Angeles' [CD]
<!--2011031523-->Significant7 - 'Los Angeles' [CD]


Los Angeles


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SIGNifiCANT7 is a street hustler that sells his labels new music hand held to the true fans on the streets in LA, Clubs Dive bars, large and small shows every day with a srteet crew knowen as UG REV That reps the mighty label Intelligence Records (also knowen as Underground Revolution) Sig7- also creates many new exclusive songs with Awol ONE, Abstract Rude, Jawz, 2Mex, Ruckuss, Infinite Vision, Linguistics, and Percee P, just to name a few. He has also performed live opening for world class acts from LMNO, Chino XL, WordSmiths, Awol, Circus, 2Mex, Percee P, Prodigal Sun to Planet Asia, Aceyalone, IANDI, Speach Impediments to Lumis, and many more.
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