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<!--2005102501-->Slum Village - 'Slum Village' [CD]

Slum Village

Slum Village



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Losing a producer of the magnitude of Jay Dee is not easy for any group to rebound from. Whenever you have a production team in the waiting like BR Gunna it makes things alot easier to deal with. Elzhi has never really gotten his due and this album is a chance for him to show the world just how good he is. "Slum Village" now just comprises of the pre-mentioned Elzhi and T3 but they more than hold their own. The album still has that standard Slum Village sound and if your a fan you know that's a good thing. Highlights include "Giant" and "Def Do Us". The lead single "Ez Up" has been recieving some buzz as well with the 12" definately moving some units across the country.
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