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<!--2013112601-->Sole - 'Crimes Against Totality' [CD]
<!--2013112601-->Sole - 'Crimes Against Totality' [CD]
<!--2013112601-->Sole - 'Crimes Against Totality' [CD]
<!--2013112601-->Sole - 'Crimes Against Totality' [CD]


Crimes Against Totality


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Crimes Against Totality is the third and final release in Sole's Ruthless Criticism trilogy. Initiated last year, the series has since reaffirmed his place as "experimental rap pioneer," breaking new ground among leftist zines, radical blogs and activist-minded people everywhere. Critics and fans heralded previous installments No Wising Up and Ruthless as some the artist's greatest work to date; "a poetic blend of critical theory and experimental club beats."

Crimes Against Totality is a collection of songs from the Ruthless Criticism sessions that have been locked away deep in e-vaults and are now released to the world to fight the class war on their own. The dozen tracks feature production from Man Mantis, Thavius Beck, Egadz, Skyrider, Crushcon7, Fanesha Fabre and Hollagramz.
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