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<!--020110913035987-->Sole - 'Nuclear Winter Vol. 2: Death Panel' [CD]
<!--020110913035987-->Sole - 'Nuclear Winter Vol. 2: Death Panel' [CD]
<!--020110913035987-->Sole - 'Nuclear Winter Vol. 2: Death Panel' [CD]
<!--020110913035987-->Sole - 'Nuclear Winter Vol. 2: Death Panel' [CD]


Nuclear Winter Vol. 2: Death Panel



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For a very limited time, i will have digipack CD's of #DEATHPANEL available for sale. A lot of people have expressed interest in getting this on CD so I teamed up with the punk label DIY Bandits out of Connecticut to do a limited pressing. This CD also features a bonus track "The Casey Anthony Blues".

Sole's official foray into "rap as journalism" featuring contributions from: Busdriver, B. Dolan, Mac Lethal, Ceschi Ramos, Kool A.D. from Das Racist, Cadalack Ron, LuckyIAM, Time, Pictureplane, K-The-I??? and Bleubird. This is folk rap in the truest sense. Using the situationist method of "detournment", sole adapts mainstream rap music for his anarchistic ends, creating topical songs as events occur(ed) in real time. The inspiration for this mixtape comes from many subjects: the asassination of Osama Bin Ladin, Arizona apartheid, the economy, the wars, climate change, the Trendosphere, New Orleans and much more. This mixtape is a diary of the madness that encompassed the last 6 months over club bangers.
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