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<!--120090804017202-->SoLiLLaquists Of Sound - 'No More Heroes' [CD]
<!--120090804017202-->SoLiLLaquists Of Sound - 'No More Heroes' [CD]
<!--120090804017202-->SoLiLLaquists Of Sound - 'No More Heroes' [CD]
<!--120090804017202-->SoLiLLaquists Of Sound - 'No More Heroes' [CD]

SoLiLLaquists Of Sound

No More Heroes




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From Hollywood to our nation's capitol, the concept of the hero is more pervasive than ever in 2009. But in a time when donning the cape is so en vogue, Florida's Solillaquists of Sound go the next step with their most personal work yet. The second in a trilogy of conceptually-linked albums, No More Heroes sheds the overtly cerebral approach that marked their debut As If We Existed in exchange for a more aggressive, in-your-face sound that is driven by the synth-heavy beats of MPC mastermind DiViNCi and the urgent vocals of Swamburger, Alexandrah, and Tonya Combs.

With a musical canvas fusing elements of hip hop, dubstep, prog-rock, afrobeat, folk music, and epic movie scores, the sound of No More Heroes is a blistering collage that never loses its identity, maintaining an underlying unified sound. The kid gloves are off; the record is primal, energetic, and as passionate as ever, a collection of songs representing a group at the apex of their collective virtuosity.
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