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<!--2013051457-->Spirit Of Truth - 'Spiritual Warfare' [CD]
<!--2013051457-->Spirit Of Truth - 'Spiritual Warfare' [CD]
<!--2013051457-->Spirit Of Truth - 'Spiritual Warfare' [CD]
<!--2013051457-->Spirit Of Truth - 'Spiritual Warfare' [CD]

Spirit Of Truth

Spiritual Warfare


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This debut album was inspired by the current state of humanity not only in America, but the whole world. Touching upon diverse topics ranging from deep spirituality, to life in the streets, SPIRITUAL WARFARE is an instant classic. This Chicago artist's unique delivery, lyricism and message are sure to impact every listener. The goal of this album is to reach the hearts of people and inspire a spiritual awakening that leads WE THE PEOPLE to UNITE and TAKE A STAND against the corporate giants, corrupt governments, and wicked spirits influencing the demise of humanity. SPIRITUAL WARFARE features an impressive lineup of guest appearances including DO OR DIE, ARMY OF THE PHARAOHS, CHIEF KAMACHI and more. We have went through hell and back to get where we're at and listeners all over the world are in for a true treat with this album.
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