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<!--120130820058169-->Stevie Stone - '2 Birds, 1 Stone' [CD]
<!--120130820058169-->Stevie Stone - '2 Birds, 1 Stone' [CD]
<!--120130820058169-->Stevie Stone - '2 Birds, 1 Stone' [CD]
<!--120130820058169-->Stevie Stone - '2 Birds, 1 Stone' [CD]

Stevie Stone

2 Birds, 1 Stone




An enthused Tech N9ne once called him a "star" and for his second outing, Stevie Stone delivers 2 Birds, 1 Stone on August 13th. The brash emcee from the middle of the land has built a reputation for heavy street music, often backed by 808 drum patterns, and has proven to be a road warrior with two national treks in 2012.

Staring down his sophomore Strange Music release, Stevie Stone hasn't lost the focus that made him the perfect candidate for the Snake and Bat's urban breakthrough.

"Rollin' Stone was a good starting point, but I always use the analogy that after every ladder there's another ladder. After every song, you have to be better than your last song. It's about growth and it's about how I'm feeling. It's about what I see through my eyes and what I have lived."

"I feel like this is my second go-round. From the stage show to the studio to family life - it's me. That's what it is, I'm knocking out two birds with one stone. Going to where I know I'm supposed to be and I feel like this will be the album to definitely solidify that."

-Stevie Stone
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